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At Atlantic Shores we seek to develop spiritual leaders who are not only passionate about their faith, but equipped academically and biblically to impact the world for Christ.  To this end, students are involved in the following biblically based endeavors.

Both Elementary and Secondary campuses set aside predetermined times during their academic schedule to gather for school-wide chapels.  Whether it is to hear how God is working on our student body, to gather for all-worship chapels, or to listen to Christian leaders from their community challenge our students, we know that God uses these times to positively impact our students.

At the secondary campus, students regularly look forward to our twice-a-year Spiritual Emphasis Week in which we focus on our spiritual condition through the use of nationally recognized speakers-youth pastors, lead pastors, authors, Christian musicians, and leaders from the business community.  These emphasis weeks take place in the spring and fall at off-campus facilities in which we have special music that is provided by our student-lead worship teams as well as worship leaders from local churches.

Prayer Website Pic.jpgStudents at Atlantic Shores will find an array of opportunities to implement leadership skills that God has given them.  Examples of this range from Elementary and High School worship teams, Middle School and High School leadership retreats, hosting an ACSI Middle School Leadership Conference, and running for positions in student body government or student council.