Hear what our parents have said this year about Atlantic Shores Christian School...

  • Our experience with ASCS, as well as our Daughter's, has been great. The teachers have been excellent. The school work for our Daughter has been challenging in a good way.  - E. N.
  • We love Atlantic Shores! They have a very strong Christ-based curriculum that provides a very well rounded education including spiritual, academic, athletic and the arts.  - T. M.
  • We love Atlantic Shores! The teachers are wonderful, and both my children are excelling academically and spiritually. Atlantic Shores truly is like family, I would recommend Atlantic Shores to anybody wanting a good quality Christian education.  - K. A.
  • We love Atlantic Shores Christian! Both of our children have received a superior Christian education. Not only do our children learn about God and our faith, but they've learned essential skills to primary grades-all while waking up excited to go to school each day!  - K. T.
  • My three sons attended Atlantic Shores and now my 8 year old grandson is attending and enjoying an exciting learning experience, academically and spiritually. He comes home everyday full of stories about the "cool" things he learned and did at school.   - C. K. 
  • I actually have kids at both the elementary and secondary campuses. My oldest is a sophomore, and has been enrolled at ASCS consecutively since 2nd grade. My youngest is currently a 2nd grader, and has been enrolled consecutively since K5. ASCS is awesome. I can't give enough kudos to the entire staff for all that they do for our families. I can't imagine my kids anywhere else. They have been so good to us.  - L. S. 
  • I have had an elementary student at the Virginia Beach Campus for the past 9 years. My children have grown in all areas of their lives under their leadership, guidance, and care. The faculty and staff has come along side our family and partnered with us to give each child a well-rounded education. Their thirst for knowledge and a Christ-centered education continues to grow and challenges me to continue learning as well. So glad we made the decision to come to Atlantic Shores!  - W. L.
  • I am so thankful my granddaughter started kindergarten at ASCS. What a wonderful school and wonderful teachers and staff. They really gave her a great start to her school career. They were so kind they got her through a rough beginning and now she loves school!  - C. D. 
  • Our boys attend ASCS and love it here! The faculty, teachers and coaches are truly dedicated to the well-being of the students; spiritually, academically, and socially. ASCS has so much to offer. We wouldn’t have our children anywhere else.  - L. H. 
  • Our experience has been nothing but incredible with ASCS. The teachers are wonderful and love our children which is all that I can ask for...  - J. B. 
  • I absolutely LOVE Atlantic Shores! You walk into the building and you feel at home, because everyone is friendly, not just the staff members. I am very blessed to have been lead to this school. My girls gets to tap into all areas/aspects of their lives, which means there is a balance in their school life. I also truly believe that the teachers and administration has the students and school best interest at heart and I am very grateful for that!  - T. B. 
  • This is amazing school. The teachers love their job, both my sons excel academically, and love the Lord. I could not ask for much more. Great school!  -W. C. 
  • Our 3 sons, now ages 31, 27, & 25, all attended ASCS. Two of them graduated from ASCS & now have solid careers as air traffic controllers. We currently have two grandchildren attending ASCS (3rd grade & K4). We are very thankful for not only the exceptional academic education that are grandchildren are receiving, but also that they are learning more about having faith in Jesus and how it impacts every area of life. We are thankful for the teachers, administration, & other staff that insure that are grandchildren are getting everything that they need to be successful in this world!  - K. B. 
  • We have loved sending our kids to Atlantic Shores Christian School for the last 6 years. The teachers and staff are so caring and friendly, and I could just kiss all the kids and teachers who helped my (mild) Aspie son finally find a place he fit in (Thank you Mrs. Pulley for being a big part of that!)! He also loved hanging out with all the foreign exchange students! :) We have 1 graduated, 1 about to graduate, and another child that attended there last year (home schooled now). I would send all my (5) kids there if we could! Maybe one day! :)  - L. W.
  • My son started pre-school this year. We took a tour in the spring and immediately enrolled him at Atlantic Shores. The school has an amazing educational program for students. I love this school also because the spiritual aspect in my sons education is just as important to the school as academics is. The staff has been wonderful and we are confident that we have chosen the best possible school for my son to attend.  - H. M.
  • The teacher and teacher's assistant are very helpful and caring toward my child. I feel that my child is safe in their classroom.  - C. F. 
  • My son started at Atlantic shores when he was in K4. He is now a Senior and will be graduating in June. We have been at both campus and I cannot say enough what a great educational experience we have had. My son has been enrolled in dual enrollment classes for two years, This looked great on his college applications. I so thankful for the teachers and staff who have been a great influence on my son. Thank you ASCS you did a great job!  - B. O.