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Join Moms in Prayer (for both campuses) on Wednesday mornings. Meetings are held at the Secondary Campus every week. All ladies are cordially invited to come and pray for their ASCS students, teachers, and our school. For more information, please contact Dawn Ganthner (547-3956)   or Julie Orlando (426-8788). 

Please read through the following points of interest that define what it really means to be a part of this powerful group of prayer warriors:

  • Moms In Prayer will spend the entire hour in prayer with a minimum of discussion.
  • We follow a Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession format.
  • We endeavor to start on time and end on time, although the ladies frequently stay afterward to fellowship.
  • Our prayer is focused on Atlantic Shores Christian School.
  • There is a lot in the world today that needs prayer, but for that one hour a week, we focus only on ASCS, its students, teachers, and concerns.
  • We pray a specific scripture each week for our child who is a student at Shores.
  • We don't just pray about tests and illness, we ask God to grow our child's faith and develop godly character.
  • We use the list of faculty to pray for ASCS teachers.
  • We assign teachers to pray for each week and pray the Scripture over them as well.
  • We go through the list several times each year and also attempt to pray for teachers and situations in the school under our 'school concerns' section of our prayer time.
  • We welcome all prayer requests and praises for answered prayer from the school staff.
  • What is prayed in the group, stays in the group. No gossip allowed.
  • Under Moms in Touch International guidelines, we are not able to provide childcare.  We ask that moms allow someone else the privilege of caring for their younger children during that hour so they may concentrate on prayer.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) - Secondary Campus One of the goals of the PTA is to work in harmony with our parents to provide a well-rounded Christian education for our students. It is important that our parents know what  is happening. To accomplish this, PTA meetings are held periodically throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings. The PTA periodically uses fundraisers to help support their projects.