School Entrance Health Form

Authorization for Prescription Medication

Student Health and Emergency Information Form

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Form (LAMP)

Non Consent Form-Medical Consent

In order to maintain a healthy environment and adhere to state code, we would like to encourage all parents to download the recently revised Immunization Guidelines as well as the State of Virginia code requirements.

Virginia Code Requirements for Immunizations

Approved Medications

In order to serve our ASCS families better, we would like to issue a list of the approved medications and the proper ways the medication can be brought  to and dispersed through the clinic on-site.The ASCS Clinic staff adhere to guidelines for medication administration put in place by the Virginia Department of Health in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education.

It is important for the Clinic to have a signed Medical Authorization Form for every child. On page 51 of the ASCS Student handbook it states “Both OTC and prescription medication require completion of the med authorization form by both the licensed prescriber and the parent/legal guardian." There is a section for you to sign that allows us to give your child a "no MD order" drug and another area that requires a signature giving us permission to give your child the "MD order prescription medicine" also.

ALL medications must be brought into school in a brand new, unopened container and we can not accept any medications that have already been opened. Any unused medication will be available for pick up on the last day of school.

The following medications can be given to a student without an MD order:

Acetaminophen (trade name Tylenol)

Ibuprofen (trade name Motrin)

Cough drops

ALL OTHER MEDICATIONS require an order from a doctor before we can administer them to your child. Examples of medications that need an MD order: Tylenol Cold & Sinus, Aleve, Excedrin, Benadryl, etc.  Even though these are sold over-the–counter, they have other components besides those listed above. 

A doctor’s order may be obtained simply by calling the student’s physician and requesting they fax (Elementary 479-8742/Secondary 479-5311) a written order.    This order can be a handwritten note that states the following: “ASCS has permission to give…the child’s name, the medication, the dosage, the frequency it is to be given, and for how long.   Generally a physician is already aware of the medications their patients are taking.

The nursing professionals at ASCS have put together a proactive plan to keep your child safe from the spread of the flu!

Health Alert - Family Tips

For Flu Prevention

Please contact the ASCS Clinic at either campus for more information.

The Clinic is in need of a MANUAL PEDIATRIC BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF.  If you can help out with this need, in any way, please contact Cheryl Vincent at 757-479-9598.