The softball program will provide a place where the players can learn to be Christian student athletes.  We will play at a high level while maintaining Christian values, with the hope that during competition we can be a witness to those that are in need through our actions.


Everyone on the TEAM is expected to put the TEAM first, as softball is a TEAM sport not an individual sport. All players are expected to act as teammates whether on the field of play, in school, or outside of school. As a Christian softball team, we will use every opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for everyone including parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, and umpires.


We will expect the best from each player every time they take the field. There will be times when we as coaches may expect more from them than they think that they are capable of; however, we will not expect more from them than what we think that they are capable of accomplishing.  At the same time, they will be challenged every day to play better than they think they are capable of playing.

Varsity Softball

Coaching Philosophy

We will teach the game of softball through the repetition of practice and the playing of games. Failures will occur, with the expectation that we will grow from those experiences and become a better softball player and a better person because of it. Softball is a game that players will fail at more times than they will succeed, which we do many times in life, but it is how we learn and grow from these lessons or experiences that define us as a player and a person.

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