Camp Seahawk

June 8th-August 7th

7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Camp Seahawk is a fun, interactive, Christian based summer camp, right here at Atlantic Shores!


As Governor Northam has announced his phased plans for businesses to reopen, we have in turn developed a plan to open Camp Seahawk for Summer 2020.  We have many wonderful opportunities to offer our campers and the team and I are hard at work daily to make sure summer camp is fun and engaging.  We will accomplish this through small group activities that will meet all recommendations set forth by both the CDC and our child care license. 

While the kids will get a chance to be active and participate in activities, these next few weeks will not be the same as our typical Summer Camp Program. The biggest change is that we will not be taking students off-campus for field trips. Our focus will be on providing excellent care and attention to your child while incorporating appropriate activities and programs in-house. 

We will be following the recommendations from the CDC, VDH, Commonwealth of VA officials; along with guidance from the Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensing Programs as a child care center. Below are a set of frequently asked questions. For more specific information, contact Mallory Schmidt, Summer Camp Director (


How will you be limiting group sizes?

  • Summer Camp will be limited to 64 students in total. 
  • We will be reducing the number of children in a group to a maximum of 8. There will be 2 staff members per group to stay within the 10 person limit. 

How will you be practicing social distancing during the day?

As you can imagine with small children social distancing can be challenging. We want to assure you that every measure will be taken to ensure the health of everyone.

  • We will be encouraging small group activities and individual PlayStations -  both by rearranging rooms and with the toys and games offered to students. 
  • Lunches will take place in classrooms, not in large gatherings.
  • Outside time will be staggered to ensure that no two groups are in one space at the same time.
  • The same group of children and counselors will be with each other the duration of the camp being open.
  • In the event that even for a brief time we all have to be in the same area, ie. the gym or multipurpose area, the room will be divided into sections as outlined for us by Social Services to practice proper Social Distancing, however, we do not see this having to happen. 

What is cleaning like throughout the day?

  • We have developed cleaning protocols for the staff to follow during the day that meets or exceeds both the standard state licensing requirements and recommendations for the CDC.
    • Items used by children will be cleaned and sanitized after each use – there will not be equipment or materials passed to different children without sanitation.
    • The building, and especially the area the children are in, will be sanitized at the end of every day with products approved by the CDC. 

How will you ensure that there are not children with symptoms in the building?

  • Staff or children with a fever (100 F or higher), cough, or shortness of breath will be excluded from child care facilities and isolated from others. Children with household members who are known to have COVID-19 will be excluded from the child care facility.
  • If a child is being kept home for any reason, but especially for any illness please call us at 757-479-1125. 
  • If a child or staff member develops symptoms of COVID-19 (fever of 100 or higher, cough, or shortness of breath) while at the facility, they will be immediately separated from the camp participants until they can leave the facility. 
  • Once checked in each child will immediately wash their hands before being escorted to their designated room.
  • Drop-offs and Pick-ups happen at the front desk. Guests will not be allowed to walk the building.
    • We will bring the children to their rooms at drop-off
    • At pick-up, the staff at the front desk will radio to the staff to bring the child(ren) to the front desk 

What happens if a staff member or child tests positive for Covid-19?

  • If a child or employee tests positive for COVID-19, we will contact the local health jurisdiction to identify the close contacts who will need to quarantine. It is likely that all members of the infected child’s or adult’s group would be considered close contacts.
  • We will follow guidance from the CDC, with likely shutdowns of programs and facilities.
  • Facilities with a confirmed case of COVID-19 among their population should close at least temporarily (e.g. for 14 days or the duration advised by local health officials). The duration may be dependent on staffing levels, outbreak levels in the community, and severity of illness in infected individuals. Symptom-free children and staff should not attend or work at another facility, which would potentially expose others. We will also be taking the temperature of the children when they are dropped off. Anyone showing symptoms such as a fever (100.4° or higher), cough, sore throat, etc. will not be allowed to stay.

What will the children need to bring?

  • Lunch that does not need to be heated
  • Snack for the morning and afternoon
  • Labeled Reusable water bottle 
  • K3 and K4 students need to bring in a blanket and things for nap. This will be sent home each day to be cleaned.
  • Change of clothes, accidents happen! (We will let you know what days to prepare for water days!) 
  • No outside toys are permitted 
For more information please E-mail: