The Media Center is the hub of all resources, including print materials, journals, visuals and online databases. With enough computers to accommodate most classes, the Media Center serves to engage the student in a research-friendly environment while adhering to the needs of the classroom.

Our Media Resource Center features over $300,000 worth of SMART technology in classrooms and in the center itself. This is undoubtedly the greatest technological advancement in the history of our school!


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With the availability of laptops, Chromebooks and a host of other technologies, our students have everything they need to be thriving, engaged and productive learners.

The Media Center is also home to our daily video announcement studio. Students are the anchors as well as the producers and directors of the "show."


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Announcements also tie-in with our Video Production class which gives our students the opportunity to learn how to make a movie, from concept of story to editing, all within the parameters of a Biblical World View.