The academic goal of the Art Department is to teach the students the importance of art in daily life.  We will teach the students the basic skills, elements, and principles of art through the study of master artists and the tools and techniques necessary to create works of art.

The spiritual goal of the Art Department is to help students see God as the first artist and how He has gifted them to create.  We will teach the students that as they use their creativity, they will grow closer to God and find their inspiration in Him.

Throughout the year the students experiment with different mediums in creating their art.  With each project there is an opportunity to learn about the principles and elements of art.  Students explore texture by weaving yarn, ribbon, paper and burlap, or even making their own paper.  They learn about perspective while drawing cities from an aerial view or by drawing themselves from a "ground up" view.  Students become familiar with techniques for shading by using oil pastel, chalk, and charcoal, and they do all of this while learning about the artists that perfected the particular techniques that we are using in class.  Having explored and created so many projects, the year culminates with students having their best work on display and being awarded ribbons for their efforts.