The Guidance Office of Atlantic Shores Christian School strives to provide parents and students information on college resources and to help students stay organized in the college planning process.  We embrace the philosophy that a team approach is essential to reach a successful end. Here you will find resources for testing, college planning and admissions, and financial aid.  

Parents can be active participants in the college exploration and application process.  You should visit campuses with your child and participate in programs offered by admission offices.  Other ways to be involved are: making certain your child has been thorough in his/her search; reviewing the admission and financial aid applications and offering guidance in their completion; making certain that tasks get completed and forms are submitted on time; being the support and counselor when decisions are made.


The Guidance staff aims to:

Meet with students and parents to identify colleges of interest that complement the student’s academic, extracurricular, and spiritual desires.

Write supportive letters of recommendation, where applicable, for student’s admission and scholarship applications.

Review student’s application and essay materials as requested.

Process application materials including transcripts, counselor evaluations, teacher recommendations and additional components for admission and scholarship applications.

Inform students about upcoming college representative visits and college fairs.

Guide students on the process of registering for college entrance exams and sending test scores to colleges.

Provide students with test preparation resources.


The Guidance staff expects each student will:

Be his/her own advocate by utilizing the resources in the Guidance Office and by meeting with college representatives who host programs in the area and at ASCS.

Stay in communication with the Guidance Office regarding class selection, the college search, testing opportunities, and application procedures.

Take charge of his/her own application process by knowing application and scholarship requirements and deadlines, and independently completing each part of the application.