Volleyball Program Philosophy

We want to develop solid fundamental skills and passion for the sport of volleyball. As players gain experience we want to show them the path to a level of excellence that allows each athlete to test their own limitations.  Only by constantly testing our limits can we truly find our potential.  This is the true measure that separates greatness from mediocrity and determines who will be the champion and who will fall short.  Champions are not always the winner of the final match, but their effort and commitment to Christ, themselves and their teammates is the ultimate goal (Mark 12:30-31).

We want our athletes to understand what the term “Commitment” really stands for.  That striving for excellence is not a part-time endeavor to be turned on or off depending on your mood each day.  We also want them to understand what the word “teammate” really means.  A group of people who share a common goal together and agree to make the sacrifices (hard work, role player, non-starter, etc.) necessary to make that goal become reality.  Teams learn that individual needs are put aside for the good of the team or the team is destined to fail.  Being a part of a team, making sacrifices and commitments to help that team achieve success, is possibly the greatest single lesson to be learned from athletics.  It is truly a selfless commitment rather than a selfish one.  

Head Coach Billy Hardison has 16 years of experience coaching NCAA Division I, USAV nationally ranked club teams, high school teams (from Chicago, IL., Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina) and has traveled to study professional international volleyball.  In his first year (2017) at Atlantic Shores his team earned the best season record in school history (17-9) and its first ever appearance in the state tournament. 

Coach Billy Hardison says his greatest joy in coaching is seeing his players strive to reach the potential God created them with the ability to achieve… “I love to see players persevere and succeed!”    

Coach Robin Brewly has 10 years coaching high school volleyball and more than 13 years as PE teacher. 

Coach Amy Hardison played 4 years as a NCAA Division I scholarship athlete at Kansas State (1 year) and University of South Florida (3 year starter) and played in 3 NCAA Tournaments.  Additionally, Amy has more than 13 years of coaching experience at the NCAA Division I level. 

Atlantic Shores volleyball program, "Striving For Excellence."

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