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Atlantic Shores Christian School believes that participation in sport programs such as cheerleading gives students an opportunity to learn life concepts and put into practice Christian character training.  It gives students the opportunity to develop and use the gifts God has given them, both physical and spiritual, and to use these gifts to glorify God.

2016 Fall Cheer


Cheering is offered in both the Fall and Winter athletic seasons.  Our Fall Cheerleading team performs at all home Football games and our Winter Cheerleading team performs at all home Basketball games.  

2015 Cheerleading Champions.jpg

This winter, our Varsity Cheerleaders claimed first place intermediate coed and second place advanced coed at the FCC National Championship in Florida.

2015 Cheerleading Trophies.jpg

2015 Cheerleading Sit.jpg

2015 Cheerleading Stunt.jpg

2015 Cheerleading Legs.jpg

2015 Cheerleading Flying.jpg

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