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 Technology Mission Statement

 Atlantic Shores Christian School is committed to using current and developing technologies to support the school’s goal of providing the most relevant academic instruction possible to impact an ever-changing world for Christ.

  • Technology will be integrated into the curriculum in order to improve student achievement and help students be successful in society’s technology rich environment.
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum will give students the highest quality of instruction and prepare students for success in life.
  • Assisting teachers in updating or acquiring skills to use technology for instruction.
  • Continuing to increase the technology resources and training that are available for teacher and student use. 

Technology is impacting every area of life at a rapid pace. It becomes imperative, then, for schools to keep their students as up-to-date as possible in educational technology to prepare them for the future.

ASCS has made significant investments during the past two years at both of our campuses. 


At the elementary campus, we have added interactive white boards and document cameras in all of the classrooms.  At least one, if not two, student computers have been added to every classroom, allowing access to all students for integrating technology in projects, lessons, assignments, etc..  We have added an additional computer lab in the Life Center which will allow the 4th-6th graders access for class time. A mobile laptop cart with 18 laptops were donated this past fall and is available for  teachers to checkout for their classes.

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At the secondary campus, our middle and high school classrooms continue to use the Sympodiums or SMART boards along with interactive whiteboards located in our Science Labs. All classrooms have projectors that permit the use of digital technology in the instructional process.

Students have the option to bring in their technology device in our pilot program; BYAD (Bring Your Approved Device). Many teachers are incorporating technology within their classrooms with the use of the student’s devices.

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