Atlantic Shores Christian School elementary campus offers a unique program that allows those students, showing an accelerated learning curve in certain subjects, to be involved in the Scholars' Lab program. This support program is for the enrichment of advanced learners in grades 2-6th. Prior to entering the program, students must achieve high scores on achievement testing and be recommended by the classroom teacher.

The Scholars' Lab students participate in diverse units of study. The students have participated in the study of animals, insects, theater, government, the economy, the human body and much more. Each unit seeks to challenge the students to develop higher level thinking skills that are fundamental to increased knowledge, bringing students to a deeper level of better understanding.

The Scholars' Lab Program is based on a successive five-year rotation schedule so that each unit of study will not be repeated if a student is in the program for all five years.

Most of the work for Scholars' lab will be conducted during their one hour and 45 minute time frame for each grade level weekly. However, there will be outside projects assigned periodically. Student interests and abilities will be taken into consideration in writing the curriculum for the students. Additionally, the Scholars' Lab students will enjoy field trips integral to their current unit of study.