Remember the day when you were in school sitting in your class and your stomach started rumbling? As a student, lunch time is one of the most "important" times during your school day!

How many times would you look at that clock, counting down the minutes until you could sit with your friends and enjoy a relaxing lunch?

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day for a growing child! The selection of food at lunchtime is even more important because it is the one meal that our children can choose what they want to eat!

At ASCS we are aware that this meal is an important one - not only for nutrition but for re-energizing our students physically and mentally. Our students have the choice of bringing their own bag lunch from home, or they can choose to order a hot lunch from our cafeteria.

The cafeteria staff serves a hot lunch each day, from at least four of the food groups. We also offer an a la carte menu for those 1st through 6th graders who just want something different. Our K3, K4, and K5 students have the opportunity to purchase only the full lunch. Milk and juice may also be purchased daily.

Our goal in the cafeteria is to provide healthy foods to a happy student body! We accomplish that through our friendly cafeteria staff, that are here each day waiting to serve your children!